Saturday, February 6, 2010


As young as I can remember I loved school and always dreamt of going to university, but things changed when I was in year 10. I remember the internet as a new thing, the days when we had dial up were the most interesting and exciting. It was a new haven to meet people from far and close by. Going to an all girl school meant that guys were a big NO to my family.... no guys allowed to call (back in those days we didn't have mobile phones yet), no guys allowed to come visit, no guys names in diary...just as long as there was nothing to do with guys then my family would be happy.
My older brother was like my father, totally opposite to what I was! So there was always a massive pressure for me to do because we were the 'good kids' out of our circle of cousins and family friends.
I honestly couldn't tell you why I changed so much when I hit year 10 but without excuses it all came down to one thing...FUN!

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